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Mike Murphy has been featured in interviews all around the United States talking about his new book “Love Unfiltered”

Mike Murphy Radio Interviews

Can We Really Achieve Our Dreams

Sometimes we all question if we can really achieve our dreams, can we really do this. Well, our next guest, Mike Murphy, shares his inspiring story. Mike is a former juvenile delinquent, a destitute runaway, yet at the age of 25, a stranger taught him how to manifest his dreams.

Mike overcame life’s obstacles and became an extremely successful millionaire – but his riches go beyond that. He found unconditional love in his wife Margot, however, she lost her 9-year battle with breast cancer.

Mike learned an even bigger lesson – that love never dies. He turned all that was thrown at him by positive forces. He shares his stories about how he turned his life around, what keeps him going and how to re-write your own story.

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Date of production: December 2014
Running Time: 54:53 min