“Mike Murphy’s book is a rare coming together of the inspirational and the practical. The tools to truly change your life are here. Mike’s journey from the troubled young man that he was to the wise and compassionate man that he is will move you to trust the power of love if you let it.”
Dale Borglum, Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project
Mike, I would like to thank you for the copy of Love Unfiltered. To be honest, I did not expect it to be the page turner it is. I’ve bought books about grief written by widows/widowers and could not get past the first chapter. I love that your book is not an account of your grief journey but rather how the love of your wife transformed you and drives what you are doing in her honor and how we can triumph over a devastating loss. Your compelling personal story is both inspirational and aspirational — I can’t put it down!
Connie, A woman I met who lost her husband
“With great honesty, Mike compellingly shares his personal journey and the lessons he learned about the timeless power of love, humility and compassion. Margot’s care and love for others is evident in the story and lives on strongly today through the selfless services supported by the foundation Mike started in her memory”
Kaushik Roy, Executive Director, Shanti Project
Hi Mike,
I have been meaning to email you. I read your book during my vacation in, Banff, Canada(great trip and beautiful scenery). I thought it was a fantastic book and I really enjoyed it.
You really balanced a lot of famous spiritual leaders and self help author’s messages along with your own message and it made for great reading. Easy to follow and understand. The words really flowed sort of like a snowball picking up mass as it rolls down a hill thus increasing in size and potential force during impact. The extra dimension that made your book special was the no holding back story of your life, of Margot’s life and of your life together that let the reader really feel what inspired your current outlook and passion and also your personal journey from childhood. I can say a lot more and even make some comments but I’ll save them for the next time we get together.
Of course you never know what kind of commercial success the book will have. sometimes you need a lucky break or well know endorsement. but the important thing is that you wrote it and put your out there so to speak..
Congratulations and well done!!!
Best, Neal Mitchell, Board member ARF Foundation
Dear Mike,
Thank you. I read your book. Every page, every word. I am going to follow your recipe. I am living a joyful and content life full of love and smiles. I am working!

Actually your book has left me without words, but I believe this. You are a beacon for souls who’s hearts have drained of love and who’s lives have been overturned. I have no explanation why I came into your dealership and traded my car which had become my haven, for something unfamiliar. That entire day has a fog surrounding it, I remember crying and having a feeling that I was on a path from which I could not return. They even had to push me into the car , because I did not want to drive off the lot. I cried the entire way to my house in concord. However I believe I was drawn to your dealership to be healed. Now I know this is not the normal reason people go to car dealerships, but for me, I believe with all my heart this was the reason. I feel it deep in my soul. The love you are putting “out there” is drawing people to you and helping them to shine brightly once again. You are awesome for getting yet another starfish back to the water!

I have been having my ups and downs but overall I feel my loud laugh, and my silly 12 year old boy nature returning. I have a couple of tough months ahead sorting out the dropped pieces of my life, but they don’t feel so overwhelming any longer. I am very serious about volunteering for Love From Margot Foundation. Once I have settled into my new home, I’m going to begin pestering you about what I can do!

One last thing, I believe the airplane you saw landing that day in Los Angeles was a Virgin America plane.

Thank you for saving my life. You are awesome, no wonder Margot loved you.

Jenny, A customer on the verge of suicide
Mike, I finally read your book, I am glad I did. I am privileged to have you as a friend and mentor, you have shared with me your outlook on life, discussed your views and beliefs and invited me to participate in the beautiful celebrations honoring your beloved Margot. I thought I knew enough about you, and that nothing more could be gained by reading the book. I was wrong.
The book is more than a love story, it is a collection of “mini-books” on the essence of life. It is somehow philosophical, yet simple to read, practical to follow and down to earth. Every chapter is a self-sustaining lesson on certain virtues of our lives; when read together, these chapters become a “way of life”. The book is so rich and full of valuable experiences, each chapter/topic could evolve into a separate manuscript. Your statements are concise and strong. The book leaves the reader with a feeling of peace and strength . It portrays the author as being sincere, honest, emotionally stricken and physically wounded, yet “resurrected” after discovering, accepting and embracing “love” as the simple truth of life. Mike, this book could not have been written by someone who has not lived its adversities. You are bigger than life, because you are humble and willing to love and serve. You are Good Man.
I am including two poems by the Lebanese philosopher Gibran Khalil Gibran one about Love and the other about Marriage. Very empowering Love v. Fear! Read them.
Samir, A business associate