Love Unfiltered: How to Triumph Over Tragedy, Find Your Purpose & Live Your Dreams

Touching on universal human experiences such as healing childhood wounds, overcoming fear, dealing with grief, and searching for meaning, Love Unfiltered is a motivating and accessible guide for those seeking a life of balance and fulfillment.

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What Others Are Sharing About Mike’s Books

“I remember the first time I met Mike. I thought to myself, ‘This guy has an enormous heart.’ Since then that heart has been broken and the story in these pages is that gripping story. But with a broken heart he is more generous than ever… especially with his encouragement of others. This book will make you re-think your life in a profound way.”
Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author
“If you are ready to have your heart broken open to love and learn profound lessons that will impact & transform every relationship in your life. Curl up with Love Unfiltered.”
Marcia Wieder, Founder, Dream University
“This is both a story about a powerful love between two people, as well as a story about how universal love can transcend time, borders, and differences. What a beautiful reminder that we are all here simply to love.”
Marci Shimoff, Author of Chicken soup for the Soul Books
“From a guy who appeared to have it all, we learn that he had nothing. Through practical wisdom and direction, we learn how Mike Murphy discovered what it really means to have it all, and, most uniquely, how to give what is most important. Mike teaches through his very personal sharing that the worst thing about making it to the top without a purpose is discovering that there is still nothing there for you when you arrive. But, he goes forward, beyond his emptiness and despair, to show you, whether you are at the top or the bottom of the heap, how to bring your dreams into fruition, with a purpose that you will never lose and others will never forget about you.”

My favorite section from the book is one of the many clever and practical ways Mike brings ancient wisdom to our modern times: “Live like there was no yesterday.” What I find Mike Murphy to be phenomenal at doing is taking a vast amount of information, from many sources, and making it simple, practical, and reachable for the average person. Mike is the real deal. He is not some robed guru, get rich quick author, or intellectual psychologist. Mike is a guy who came from the trenches and now teaches with an uncanny sense of being able to meet you just where you are.

Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Best Selling Author, www.DrLeeJampolsky.com
Margot, Amanda, and Mike- I wanted to get to know each of these wonderful individuals and say ‘thank you’ for demonstrating that we have an astonishing capacity for love. LOVE UNFILTERED talks straight from the heart with compassion, wisdom, and courage.
Charles Garfield, Ph.D., Founder, SHANTI Project Author, SOMETIMES MY HEART GOES NUMB: Love and Caregiving in a Time of AIDS
“It is awesome. Simple yet brilliant. Very well focused and organized and claims are well supported.”
Chris Murphy , My son, a man of few words
“It is awesome. Simple yet brilliant. Very well focused and organized and claims are well supported.”
Natasha, a young woman fighting cancer
“Mike has eloquently told his life story with all its heartbreak and sadness, but is able to transform the hardship into a vessel of inspiration in which we all can rise from the ashes to make a difference in this world, no matter how small, no matter how big.”
Sarah Bryant , a friend
“Mike Murphy is a simple man that came from humble beginnings. The way he shares real life stories in his book about himself, his family and his loved ones is unparalleled to any other author I have read in the past. There were countless times throughout my reading of his book where it brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes I even had to stop reading, catch my breath and read it again to make sure I let the words resonate in my heart and soul.”
Jason Stopnitzky , a business acquaintance