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Inspirational. Heartbreaking. Empowering.

He is a fantastic speaker! The best in the whole event! Mike speaks from the heart, and in so doing, connects with everyone else in the room. Mike’s talk showcased the problems of our medical system, but also gave us hope. By sharing his journey, his passion and Margot’s love, he left us all motivated and inspired to begin making an impact of our own.

Testimonial from Attendee Gwen who attended the Lighten up 2015 event on March 21 held in Pleasanton, CA

Powerful Keynote Speaker with a Compelling Message

Mike Murphy is a powerful keynote speaker who can deliver compelling inspirational value-filled talks specifically developed for your organization. He is available to speak to businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations about topics that may or may not be covered in his books.

Mike offers a signature talk inspiring audiences with his incredible story of triumph and transformation in the face of daunting circumstances For this talk, Mike teaches how people can get clear on who they really are and empower them to tap into the power of God and the power of the universe. He teaches people how to write an intention, how to record it, how to listen to it, and by this method, how to manifest anything they want. This method will be covered in detail in his upcoming book “The Creation Frequency.”

Mike also has an important story to tell regarding cancer. He can speak from experience about being a caregiver to a cancer patient. He can also speak on understanding grief and overcoming grief, all topics which he is very passionate about.

Mike can speak with deep knowledge and wisdom on a myriad of topics for a myriad of groups and organizations. Here are a few more topics that Mike can speak authoritatively on:

  • Starting a non-profit business based on your passion.
  • How to become the top salesperson in your organization
  • Overcoming addiction and compulsion.
  • Be a Good Man [for men’s groups ]
  • How to manifest your deepest dreams
  • How to take care for your loved one battling cancer
  • Creating a Heart Centered Corporate Culture [for executive management]

Mike is also deeply passionate about speaking to youth and is offering to speak to schools on a pro-bono basis.

If you would like to offer your organization a rare and powerful transformative experience in your upcoming event, gathering or conference, Mike Murphy can deliver an customized keynote speech that is sure to be unforgettable.

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For an idea of what Mike is like as a speaker, check out the video below of Mike being interviewed by bestselling author Jack Canfield.