Meet Grandmother and School Teacher Beatriz Cortez

Beatriz Cortez is a 64 year old school teacher who works for the Alameda Unified School District.  Diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in late April 2015, Beatriz applied for a grant with the Love from Margot Foundation anticipating a loss of income because of the necessity of having to go through treatments.  Her challenge has an added degree of difficulty because she is also taking care of a disabled sister.  As of August 19, 2015, she had already gone through a lumpectomy and is awaiting word on what other further treatments is needed for her case, which could be chemotherapy or radiation or both.

Meet Grandmother and School Teacher Beatriz CortezAfter Love from Margot Foundation founder Mike Murphy met and interviewed Beatriz last August 19, 2015, Beatriz was granted emergency financial assistance of $500/month for 4 months to help with rent and other expenses.

Mr. Murphy shared with her the importance of diet as well as of creating and maintaining an alkaline environment in the body as critical factors in the journey towards better health.  Mr. Murphy offered Beatriz a water purifier/alkalizer/anti-oxidizer as a gift from the Love from Margot Foundation.  Beatriz is also a mother and a grandmother, thus her entire family can benefit from the use of a high end machine that can help produce pure and alkalized water in the home.  Beatriz is now a happy owner of a brand new PH WaterMark machine. Beatriz was surprised and blessed with all the gifts that she received from the Foundation.If you would like to support women like Beatriz who are going through financial difficulties because of a cancer diagnosis, you’re invited to donate to the Love from Margot Foundation.  Partner with us in helping cancer patients who are uninsured, underinsured, and who are close to or below the poverty level get to their best health.  Go to our donate page today and become part of their journey to health and life.  Thank you!

Mike Murphy Unfiltered | Applying Law of Attraction Technology & Detoxification


Mike’s inspiring story went from rags to riches and everything in between. From a restless youth facing multiple arrests, his tenacity led him down the path of becoming an acclaimed self-made entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist passionate about helping others use Law Of Attraction technology, physical detoxification and meditation to become their best selves.

Mike has spent over 30 years creating the perfect recipe for manifesting your dreams – The Creation Frequency. Forget anything you’ve heard about “Law of Attraction” in the past, because his remarkable project offers a revolutionary approach to achieving total transformation with Mike’s unique ‘technology’, an app with a relaxation script that takes users on trance journey straight into their subconscious mind- where all real power resides.

For 30 years, Mike has been unlocking his personal Creation Frequency and transforming it into tangible success. His business enterprises have generated millions of dollars in revenue while also helping people live more fulfilled lives – be they those battling against illness or addiction, or anyone looking to reach a deeper understanding within themselves. Now he devotes himself full-time to ensuring that all who seek an improved life can find the path toward reaching their goals.

In 2012, he established the Love from Margot Foundation as a tribute to his beloved late wife. She courageously fought cancer for 9 years until her passing in 2011; it’s through this foundation that her memory lives on by helping under-insured and low-income women facing advanced cancer with financial aid, education tools and resources needed during treatment.

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