The Longest Journey Is from the Head to the Heart

As I’ve written in prior blogs, most of us have been programmed since childhood to live out of fear. We’ve also been programmed to live in our heads–meaning thinking with our brains. For me, the most important journey a human being makes in their lifetime is only about a foot long: it’s the journey from our head to our heart. This is because the heart is where love lives. It’s where you naturally lived when you were a small child, before the fear set in. In that place, we feel like everything is possible, and you cannot fail. And these are the feelings that allow for us to manifest anything in we want in our lives.

So how do we all get so off track? In my mind, I see us as all growing up in this confusing and frightening world. Due to that, most people slowly shift into our heads because we’re frightened and confused. Frightened because of what we’re being told by adults and shown on television–that the world is not a safe place. And so we come up with the idea that our heads are the safest places to be. This idea keeps us living in our heads, in order to remain safe and apart from a difficult, dangerous and unkind world. But doing this just makes us suffer more, as we continue to use our heads to try and think our way out of the uncomfortable places we find ourselves in.

What could we do different? We could tap into the desires of our hearts and allow those desires to guide us instead. We could make that foot-long journey back to living through the feelings of our hearts. The heart brings us back into balance, creating congruency in our lives. Once we’re grounded there, we can use the brain the way it was meant to be used: as a fabulous computer to formulate plans, create strategies, and gather resources to manifest the desires of our hearts.

The process of getting back to the place of feeling rather than thinking is not some major project you need to undertake in your life. It’s not about perfection or meeting some externally imposed moral standard. It’s simply is a self-directed process that can occur throughout your life as you fine-tune your power to design your own reality. What I teach is not a one-way delivery system for your desires, like a letter to Santa Claus that you send up the chimney, and then wait for the morning delivery. I believe it’s a co-creative process in which you work with the Universe. Moving from your head to your heart one of the ways that you can fulfill your part of this lifetime of collaboration. If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely at the beginning of your journey. So for now, see if you can focus on three areas:

1. Shifting from the head to the heart
2. Taking care of the body
3. Nourishing the spirit

Just reading these words mean you are already on your way to the life of your dreams!