How To Recognize Your Dreams Coming True

Although you might have taken the time to envision your desires and to describe them with emotional power and authenticity, they may not always show up in the form you were expecting.

I recently met a young woman named Karen, who told me that her most cherished dream was to have a child. She imagined a beautiful baby with her green eyes, and when she wrote her intentions, they were infused with her love and longing for this unborn child. She was single, but she hoped to meet a man with whom to share this dream. She had developed an intention for that as well, but she was open to having the child alone.

Then she met Lewis, the man of her dreams. He was tall, handsome, funny—and the widowed father of two young boys. When Lewis proposed, Karen became not just a wife, but a mother. “I thought long and hard about that baby I’d envisioned,” she said. “Was I still supposed to have it? Or was this the fulfillment of my intention in a different form?” Ultimately, Karen decided that two young sons were more than enough for motherhood. She loves them as if they were her own, and whenever she looks into their blue eyes, she sees the reflection of the man she loves.

Don’t Be Quick To Say No

Be open to receiving your dreams in whatever form they appear. Trust that sometimes the Universe knows better than you. Don’t be too quick to say no to opportunities and gifts just because they don’t look like what you thought you wanted. At moments like this, try to tune in to the “feeling” quality of your intention rather than the specifics, and ask: Does this new direction carry the same emotional vibration even if it doesn’t look the way I thought it would look? If it is emotionally aligned and attuned with the vibrations of your original statement, chances are it will be the right thing.

Although you are channeling all of your energy toward the realization of your desires, it is also important to be open-handed and ready to let go. This may sound contradictory, but as the saying goes, the opposite of a great truth is another great truth. Surrender and acceptance are as critical to the flow of energy in the Universe as intention and creativity. Trust that the Universe will deliver what you need, even if it doesn’t look the way you think it should.

Don’t Fear Life’s Curveballs

Also, be open to the fact that sometimes life just throws you a curveball, and even the best-laid plans and the most carefully attuned intentions can’t stand up to the onslaught of reality. I believe deeply in the power of the human mind to co-create its own reality—and I think it’s a power that most of us underestimate. But I also believe that we live in a Universe that we can’t always understand or control. I don’t see that Universe as random and meaningless; in fact, I think it is guided by a much greater intelligence than ours, but it’s an intelligence that doesn’t always reveal its workings to us. By tapping into the Creation Frequency you can certainly learn to become more attuned to that intelligence and to work with it. Sometimes you’ll feel like “the Universe is on my side!” But other times the Universe may simply have different plans for you.

Ongoing monitoring, measuring, and adjusting is an integral part of the creation process. Life is moving and changing all the time, so you need to be awake and continually realigning yourself to it. Imagine you are a pilot flying a plane to Hawaii. Once you reach your cruising altitude, you can relax and sit back for a while, but you need to stay on alert. You may notice that the wind is pushing the plane a little off course, or some unexpected turbulence might make it advisable to fly higher. It’s up to you to make these and countless other small adjustments to keep the plane from drifting away from its target. In the same way, when you’re moving toward your intentions, you will need to be monitoring, measuring, and adjusting constantly.

Be Open to New Opportunities

At a certain point in my own journey, after I had owned my own restaurant for some time, I had to adjust my business intention. A buddy of mine was working in the car business, and I couldn’t help but notice that he was making a lot more money than I was making in the restaurant business. So I changed my intention—and since then I have owned several thriving car dealerships.

As you become attuned to the Universe’s messages, you’ll start to know when to stay the course, when to make small adjustments, and when you’ve encountered one of those rare instances where you need to change direction completely.

Remember, this is a co-creative process, and as such, it requires that you work together with the Universe. As you work on transmitting your intentions, stay attuned to the messages you’re receiving back. Are you consistently getting signals that perhaps you’re on the wrong path? Has something else—a new opportunity, a new person, or an unexpected ending—come into your life that wasn’t in your plans? I like the saying “when one door closes, another door opens.” This is how the Universe works.

Changing Course

For example, perhaps one of your intentions was to build your business to a certain size, but then, out of the blue, an offer to buy the business appears. At a moment like this, you may need to go back and connect with your deeper self, tuning in to what might be possible if you were to accept the offer. What other dreams might that money enable you to fulfill? What might be the hidden costs? If you decide to change course, take the time to develop a new intention to replace the one you are letting go of.

Sometimes the unexpected may come not in the form of an opportunity, but as a setback. Perhaps your intention was to run a marathon, and then you suddenly get sick or are struck down with an injury. Again, this is a moment to reconnect with your inner wisdom and inquire: Is this a temporary setback that I need to overcome, or is it a message from the Universe telling me I need to slow down and take care of myself in other ways?


Sometimes the Universe is testing you. Other times it is redirecting you. Only you can discern which is which. If your spiritual intention is to find more inner peace, you may find yourself overwhelmed with fears, anxieties, or out-of-control thoughts racing through your mind every time you sit down to meditate. It may feel like you are getting farther away from your goal, not closer, and the temptation may be overwhelming: Why am I sitting here like this? I’d be more peaceful just knocking back a couple of beers and turning on the TV. Heck, I’d be more peaceful going to sleep.

But if you persevere, you may begin to discover that true spiritual peace is not simply a nice feeling or the absence of all the uncomfortable thoughts and disturbances. It’s a place deep within where you can rest even when your mind is moving a million miles an hour. If you can pass the test of those difficult times without giving up, you’ll gain access to a gift that is precious beyond measure.

Excerpted from The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy with permission of New World Library. Copyright © Mike Murphy, 2018.

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