Discovering Quantum Naturopathy and Essential Oils for Holistic Health with Mike Murphy and Allyssa Anderson

Discovering Quantum Naturopathy and Essential Oils for Holistic Health with Mike Murphy and Allyssa Anderson

In the world of holistic health, there is a continuous search for alternative approaches to healing and well-being. In this podcast episode titled “Discover Quantum Naturopathy and Essential Oils for Holistic Health,” host Mike Murphy engages in a captivating conversation with  Allyssa Anderson, a healer, scientist, and naturopathic doctor. Allyssa shares her personal journey of overcoming various health issues and explores the importance of mineral balance, detoxification techniques, and the potential for spiritual growth. Join us as we delve into the depths of Allyssa‘s experiences and uncover valuable insights into the world of holistic health.

The journey to health:

Allyssa Anderson’s journey to holistic health began with a series of health issues, including heavy metal toxicity, endocrine gland disorders, and autoimmune diseases. She attributes these challenges to heavy metal exposure acquired in the womb and through her mother. Through hair analysis, Allyssa discovered her heavy metal toxicity and the significance of mineral balance in the detoxification process. She explains a detox protocol she underwent using O-ring technology, based on German frequency-based principles. However, she highlights the importance of proper support for the organs of elimination during detoxification to avoid potential complications.

The importance of doctor-supervised detox programs:

Mike Murphy emphasizes the significance of doctor-supervised detox programs, citing organizations like Mountains of Hope as an example. Allyssa and Mike discuss the skin as a major organ of elimination and shed light on the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and dry brushing for effective detoxification. By exploring these techniques, individuals can enhance their well-being and experience holistic health benefits.

The spiritual aspect of holistic health:

The spiritual aspect of holistic health

As the conversation progresses, the topic takes a spiritual turn. Allyssa and Mike discuss the concept of the body as a vessel for the spirit and the potential for elevating consciousness. They express their belief in the emergence of a new level of consciousness as old systems crumble. This perspective highlights the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual aspects of life and offers a fresh outlook on the pursuit of holistic health.

Mineral imbalance and health conditions:

The discussion further revolves around the connection between mineral imbalances and various health conditions. We express concern about the alarming rise in disorders such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and bipolar disease in recent decades. Instead of pointing fingers at pharmaceutical companies or medical associations, they suggest exploring the role of mineralization in the body. They emphasize the importance of assimilable minerals provided by plants and discuss the intriguing intelligence of minerals and their communication with DNA.

Harmonious nutrition and individual physiology:

We briefly touch upon the idea that certain plants may contain substances that could harm humans as a defense mechanism. However, they caution against taking this aspect out of context and emphasize the significance of understanding individual physiology and finding a harmonious approach to nutrition. By acknowledging the uniqueness of each person’s body, individuals can tailor their diet to support their specific needs, promoting optimal health and well-being.

The power of consciousness and thoughts:

The power of consciousness and thoughts

Throughout the podcast, the importance of consciousness and thoughts in influencing health and well-being is highlighted. We discuss the concept that highly evolved individuals can potentially eat anything without negative effects, demonstrating mastery over their physical bodies. They provide examples of individuals who have displayed extraordinary control over their well-being and discuss the energetic nature of the universe. This exploration into consciousness expands the listeners’ understanding of the mind-body connection and opens up new possibilities for achieving holistic health.

The conversation expands: Hydration, Detoxification, and Nutrition:

The conversation expands to advise against consuming distilled water from plastic bottles due to the potential absorption of harmful substances. Allyssa shares their personal experience with heart issues and emphasizes the importance of minerals and oxygen for heart health and quality sleep. The negative effects of acidic fluids, such as pasteurized dairy, are also discussed, highlighting their potential to lead to mucus production and oxygen deprivation. We delve into the relationship between inflammation and chronic diseases, touching upon the role of Candida in the body’s detoxification process. They stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lymphatic system as the body’s “sewer system” and emphasize the need for detoxification to eliminate toxins and reduce cravings. Hydration, detoxification, nutrition, and oxygenation are identified as key factors in maintaining optimal health.

Exploring holistic lifestyle practices:

In the final segment of the podcast, we delve into holistic lifestyle practices such as a vegan diet, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. Allyssa shares her personal journey following a mostly raw vegan diet and highlights the importance of finding what works best for individual health. They also discuss the incorporation of yoga and meditation into their daily routine, highlighting the mind-body benefits of these practices. We emphasize the advantages of a mostly raw vegan diet, meditation, and yoga for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

The conversation then transitions to the topic of aromatherapy, discussing the longstanding use and benefits of essential oils for emotional well-being and reducing toxin intake. We talk about specific essential oils such as frankincense and peppermint, along with their various uses, including relaxation, digestion, muscle pain relief, headache relief, and congestion, always ensuring the purity of essential oils purchased, citing brands like Young Living.

In this captivating podcast episode, we have explored the fascinating world of quantum naturopathy and essential oils for holistic health. Allyssa Anderson’s personal journey served as an inspiration for listeners, shedding light on the importance of mineral balance and proper detoxification techniques. The conversation expanded to encompass spiritual growth and the awakening of consciousness, providing a fresh perspective on the pursuit of well-being. We also delved into the significance of mineral imbalance in various health conditions and the need for individualized nutrition approaches. Additionally, we explored the power of consciousness and thoughts in influencing health and well-being, opening up new possibilities for achieving holistic health. The episode concluded by touching upon the benefits of a vegan diet, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy as essential elements of a holistic lifestyle. Armed with this newfound knowledge, listeners can embark on their own journey toward holistic health and well-being.

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